Later in April 2021

Time to rent and bring normality back to our days while we search for a new home. We’ve found a great place beside the McIntyre River, despite heavy rain, high river levels, and a major road leading into town. Fi wasn’t deterred by these challenges. After six weeks, Fi took charge of the house hunting and found the perfect home within a day!

Days Pass Slowly April 2021

EMS electronics caused a four-day delay in Uralla and the issue reoccurred before reaching Glen Innes, resulting in another unexpected stop. Despite being told by local mechanics that a major repair was necessary, I believe it is not true. We decided to purchase a new auto 4WD in Inverell and Fiona suggested we could settle there. We stayed for ten days to explore Inverell further, and the idea of making it our home started to take root.

One Day in April 2021

Currently traveling west, after selling our home and unsure of our destination, we are now heading north towards Queensland and Bundaberg. Our tug, van, and Fi are all in good condition. Researching our options along the way keeps us occupied and helps distract from the emotions of leaving BX.