Later in April 2021

Time to rent so we can get normality back to our days while we look for a new home, we find one right beside the McIntyre River (heavy rain, high river levels & major road in to town), not enough to put Fi off. After six weeks Fi took house hunting under her control and within a day she has found it!

Days Pass Slowly April 2021

EMS electronics laid us up for four days at Uralla (fixed) and the problem was back again before Glen Innes; so another unscheduled stop. Nice local CP, but local mechanics advise major fix required; bullshit! Off to Inverell to buy new tug (auto 4WD) and Fiona decided we could live here. Another ten day stay (had nothing else to do) to check Inverell out; the seed had been sown.

One Day in April 2021

No idea where we are, sold our home and travelling westerly at the moment to decide where to go, so we head north. Tug & van are fine, Fi is fine and I am doing what I’m told as we head north towards Qld and Bundaberg. Researching all options as we travel keeps us busy and takes our mind off leaving BX.